"Industrial FRP Solutions"

sample industrial work


Hudson Fiberglass was established in 1976 with this simply mission statement "Build Innovative Products at a Reasonable Price". Today, nearly three decades later we still live by that same philosophy. With the over 150 years of combined experience under our belt we have not found a project yet that was more than we could handle. The products that we build here at Hudson Fiberglass actually have no boundaries. We have literally built everything from church steeples to acid holding tanks. We do have have certain products that we specialize in. We build fiberglass bows for wire stranding machines and we currently supply over a dozen companies in North America and in Western Europe.

In addition to fiberglass bows we do fabrication of all shapes and sizes. We can build anything out of fiberglass as long as we have some drawings. We have been manufacturing metal-free conveyor sections for sawmills since 1979. Just last year we built the largest of it's kind in the United States. We also build composite pipe, funnels, and clean out ports.

In addition to our small part manufacturing and fabrication shop we also do onsite repair and installation of all types of fiberglass and composite products. We can reinforce an existing weakining structure or repair a mechanical break-down. In the case of a mechanical break-down we can be assembled in a matter of hours ready for departure to your facility. In the case of a long-term construction project we have the capability of setting up a crew for a full scale construction job for an any extended period of time.

Our employees are very experienced and boast over 80 years experience between them. We are a drug-free workplace at Hudson Fiberglass and all of our employees go through IMSHA and OSHA training and are all certified by these institutions.